So it is currently 1 a.m and I going crazy. As many others do I tune into the Oscar’s. They are the biggest night for film. With amazing stars such as Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Denzel Washington in attendance there is much to be seen. Well tonight was particularly important for the Oscar’s because it was the most diverse ceremony in quite some time (if not ever).

Among all the stars and the nominees came a passion project of an indie film called Moonlight. No huge name was the star of the movie. Just a group of some promising up and coming actors played in the film. The film is set in south Florida following the life of Chiron as he goes from kid to teen to adult. Chiron is a kid who gets picked on at school and called a fag. He struggles with his identity as his mother struggles with a drug habit. Going into his teen years the bullies got worse and so did his moms addiction. In the end we see him as a full realized man. Now I know this may seem like a boring concept for a movie, but trust me it isn’t. Chiron is a young black gay kid from a lower social class growing up in southern Florida. This movie encapsulates what it means to to face these factors growing up. It shows his journey in a very raw way. This is not a gay movie but an important movie, especially when it comes to discussions of representation.


Now that you have my mini synopsis and review of the film here is why I am writing about this at one in the morning. It won best picture this year! Yes this small film beat out some really tough competition this year. La La Land was expected to be the big winner, and Moonlight was considered to be the dark horse in the competition. It was even announced by Faye Dunaway that La La Land had won, but it was live television and that was a mistake. Some kind of mishap took place and they were given the card that read Emma Stone – La La Land which was for the previous category and winner. Whoops. But the men of La La Land graciously handed it over to Moonlight for their win. Such an important win. What a crazy end to a great Oscar ceremony.