One of the biggest shows ever to feature a gay character was Will and Grace. Will was a gay lawyer and Grace was a straight interior designer. The two are best friends along with Karen and Jack. The show lasted 8 season and 194 episodes! Talk about a long run. It debuted in 1998 and wrapped in 2006. It took home countless Emmy and GLAAD awards. Megan Mullally who plays Karen is even tied with Tina Fey for most SAG awards awarded to an actress in a comedy series.

The story line of the show started off pretty simple. Grace was a woman in love and contemplating marriage and Will was her best friend. When the marriage didn’t happen the pair began to live together. Also that is when Jack met Karen, and if you are a fan of the show then you know how amazing that union is! Jack is an eccentric over the top character with lots of personality. He offers one extreme of the gay stereotype. Will is at the other end. He is pretty reserved and stoic. The show did great in that aspect. Over the course of the eight seasons Will and Grace have the relationship of a “dysfunctional marriage” as Jack and Karen would put it. Although the show didn’t incorporate a whole of diversity in its cast I still think it is a great and important show in gay representation.

Now 11 years later the show is coming back! NBC has ordered a ten episode season nine for the 2017-18 television season. This is becoming pretty common now. Shows like Heroes, 24, and Gilmore Girls have all had revivals in one form or another. I’m so happy that this show is coming back. Especially in such a dark time for minorities and LGBTQ+ youth thanks to the orange menace in office.