In 2010 Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo made a film together and I fell in love with it. That film is The Kids are alright. First let us start with the casting. We have Annette Bening who is a legendary actress from films like American Beauty and the more recent 20th Century Women. Then we have Julianne Moore from The Hours and Still Alice for which she received the Oscar! Finally is Mark Ruffalo who we know as Bruce Banner or The Hulk if you make him angry. The kids are played by the super talented Mia Wasikowska of Alice in Wonderland and Josh Hutchinson of The Hunger Games franchise. Talk about a cast of talent.

The basic premise of the film is Annette and Julianne play lovers and parents to the two kids. Each of them carried one of the children from a sperm donor through artificial insemination. So both kids have the same father. When the kids get older they seek out their biological father. In comes Mark’s character. Now the women are very apprehensive of this because they did not plan to incorporate this man into their family dynamic. However for the sake of the children they do. Annette remains very guarded with him. Julianne does eventually grow closer to him. Then it happens. The unthinkable. She sleeps with him! This in turn crushes Annette and the kids. The affair came to light as Annette began to warm up to Mark! What timing. Then the end deals with how the family will move forward from this event. It is a fantastic film for people to watch.

What I love so much about this movie is the characters aren’t defined by their sexuality. Sure they are in a same-sex partnership, but to me that is secondary to them as people and parents. The relationship dynamic is that of any other couple portrayed on TV and film. In no way are they perfect or perfect parents. The infidelity is something that a lot of people can unfortunately relate to. I love that one is a career woman and the other is discovering her career and herself. Granted neither actress is a lesbian, but they offer such authenticity to these characters. Talk about a great movie I can watch this over and over without losing a drop of interest.