Over the past few years Hollywood has seen a massive boom in super hero films. I am totally OK with this because growing up I was obsessed with the X-Men and the Justice League. Opposing companies yet I can’t really choose one over the other. Now these superheros had to come from somewhere right? In the comic book world there are a plethora of superheroes. Both male and female alike exist within DC and Marvel. You know what doesn’t really exist? A LGBTQ+ superhero. Well that was until now.

In the DC comic book world they did a major shake up with the heroes in their new 52 series. One being the rebirth of Batwoman. I won’t get into her origin story because who really has time for that? Not me. Well she was brought back into their new 52 series and she came back as a (wait for it)… LESBIAN! Yes that’s right DC introduced a member of the bat family as something other than an overly sexualized female! Hoo-rah! DC also brought in a gay male on their show Arrow in the form of Curtis Holt who is really Mr. Terrific.

Now we move our gaze to the big screen. With Marvel Universe pretty much dominating the superhero terrain as far as blockbuster movies are concerned they sure lack at least one LGBTQ+ character. They don’t even have to be superpowered they just have to exist. Well now there is a remake of a nineties classic named Power Rangers. This time the rangers feature a Hispanic ranger in addition to an Asian and Black ranger. One ranger has autism, and another struggles with her sexual identity and does not fit the mold her parents try to place on her. Talk about inclusion. Let’s go go power rangers!!!

This is all very important because we have a new generation coming into this world and growing up watching these shows and movies. They need to that there is diversity out there. They need to see that their is nothing wrong with them and that in the amazing world of fiction they have a space. They matter! Marvel had a gay marriage in their comic with the lesser known superhero Northstar and DC had a marriage that featured a trans character. These are great steps in the right direction. Now just bring it to the big screen because visual representation is much more impactful than literary.