Disney hasn’t been known to be the most progressive company. They make the princesses these damsels in distress with unrealistic body proportions.

As of late Disney has been seeking to rectify that.

Beauty and the Beast is one of their most successful princess movies. Now it got a live action remake. Emma Watson plays the character of Belle. Belle falls in love with the Beast which in turn makes him human again.

Along the way Gaston is seeking the affection of Belle. He has his faithful sidekick Lefou by his side. Sounds fine right?


Disney announced that Lefou is gay. This sent the world into a frenzy. The state of Alabama refused to play the film because of this.beautybeast0011.jpg

If they watched the original animated movie Lefou has always had an obsession with Gaston. Whether it be deep rooted admiration or love was unclear. Now they clarified it. Get over it.

The film tells girls to love someone with anger issues because you can tame them. That they will give up their animalistic aggression for love. It also puts a glorified look on beastiality. It wraps it in a yellow dress and prances it around a ball room. 1-PSLtU4pv5zBYWm8lfPif2Q.jpeg

But they have a problem with a character who is gay. Do they not realize that this movie was created by a man who was gay and died of AIDS. This was his movie.

So stop demonizing them for being inclusive. It is important for lgbtq+ kids to see that there are people like them in this world.