The following post was contributed by the incomparable Dope Women blog written by my girl Morgan!

Stoner Culture, like most American sub-cultures, have a wide range of different people who participate in the community. People of all genders, races, and sexualities. Yet popular media still uses the played out trope of the straight white guy ripping bong in his parent’s basement while reading Playboy.

While there had been many conversations on changing this stereotype with more diverse representation of race and gender within the stoner culture; there has been little to none on representations of LGBTQ stoners. Now I’m not saying that there are no representations of LGBTQ Stoners on TV. Originally for this post I was going to give you guys some reviews on the LGBTQ stoner characters I’ve seen in my years of binge watching, but as I was compiling this character list I noticed that all these characters had a something in common besides their sexual orientation and relationship with cannabis.

They are all white.


From Sify drama thriller Orphan Black, there’s Cosima whose regularly shown toking up and Felix who uses weed among other drugs. From Girls (WARNING SPOILERS) there’s Elijah who although is very openly out of the closet as gay still hooks up with girls on occasions. There’s the late bloomer Sol from the hit Netflix original series Grace and Frankie. From the fantastic stoner  Comedy Broad City there’s a main character Ilana who is unapologetically bisexual, and last but not definitely not least and maybe the only one of his kind Jamie. Ilana’s immigrant drug dealing roommate from Venezuela. The only none-white guy stoner I could find.

Now some might say you still listed like 5 characters so you should be happy there is representation at all. One step at a time. The thing is we are not just fighting for representation in general. Were fighting for ACCURATE representation. When looking at anything like feminism, legislation, classism, representation, ect. we are looking through an intersectional lens.


But Morgan what is Intersectionality? I’m glad you asked valued reader! Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender and the creation overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination. For an example, If you were a black queer woman you would experience discrimination based on your race, asexuality, and gender as opposed to a white queer woman who only experience discrimination based on sexuality and gender.

In conclusion, to answer your hypothetical question no I’m not satisfied with this half-assed representation. I’m not going to stand by idly waiting and watching the white washing of stoner culture. I want to see LQBTQ stoners of all races on the big and small screen.

Then I’ll be happy.