What do you think when you read or hear that word?

Most people think Japanese cartoons that feature big, busty girls wearing next to nothing and bloody fight scenes. Rarely do people think about the amount of representation within anime.

First is Sailor Moon. The premise of this show starts off pretty simple. A young girl in Japan is the reincarnate of Princess Serenity and is tasked with saving the world from evil threats. Along the way she discovers other reincarnations of the other sailor scouts. All of the scouts are named after different planets. Sailor Jupiter is the first example of this show having inclusion. She is an open bisexual in the series. Then we have Sailor Uranus who, when not in sailor form, is gender neutral in the way she dresses and deepens her voice. She also has a relationship with Sailor Neptune. Talk about showing off a range of female characters on the LGBTQ+ scale.

Second is Loveless. The protagonists names are Rituska and Soubi. The two are partnered in the show for reasons I can’t remember. Within that partnership of working together their is a lot of sexual tension. Rituska is not good with anything sexual either, but he can feel the love that Soubi is developing for him. Throughout the series the two get caught up in some pretty serious matters and I believe they even kiss at one point. To be totally honest I had friends who were OBSESSED with this show and all I remember is that there were two gay cat boys in love.

The last one I will mention is Yu Yu Hakusho. This show is about a spirit detective who is travel and fighting demons. One of the demons he encounters is a demon named Miyuki. Miyuki is a trans woman. Her character gets very offended when people invalidate her identity. As any trans person would be because by doing that you are invalidating who they are.




Anime and Manga uses these terms to define same sex centric publications and shows. Japan has been way ahead of the game when it comes to representation because unlike America they don’t ostracize or treat the subject matter as if it is taboo.