As I scrolled though WordPress I came across the story of a woman named Jennifer.

Now I’m not a fan of love stories, but her story was particularly inspiring. Jennifer is a woman who never thought she’d have a wedding. You see she and her partner Sam have been a couple for 11 years. Living in Taiwan they feared to come out as a couple. They feared the ridicule that society would give them.

What would the clients at Jennifer’s job think?

Her parents are against this “lifestyle”. Her father physically pushes Sam out and tells her to get lost.

In the end they still married despite the lack of support and communication from her parents.

This inspired me to look for other ways parts of Asia cover LGBTQ+ people within their media.

Korea has multiple movies that cover LGBTQ+ characters. I came across four important films in the inclusion of these characters in Korean cinema. When reading about these movies and looking further into them they encapsulate the lives that these types of characters face within the Korean society.

They also have the classic Korean drama themes of comedy, romance, and of course drama. Though they differ from American dramas in many ways Korean dramas are loved by many and this just adds more people to be included in that audience.

These two things made me look at Asia with a magnifying lens.

Why are these four movies important for Korean gays?

Why was Jennifer nervous?

And then it all hit me. There is some serious erasure in Asian acknowledgment of LGBTQ+ people both in society and in media. Aside from Japan I found it very hard to find a lot of representation. I looked up stories of various people who grew up in various Asian countries who were afraid to live in their truth because it isn’t truly accepted.

I believe that is all changing now with the developing world of gay rights and acknowledgments. I am very interested to see where it goes.